Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Cinnamon

Most people have cinnamon around the house, but usually it’s been there for a few years! Cinnamon has the highest antioxidant value of any spice. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar and blood triglyceride levels. Cinnamon has also been used to alleviate nausea and to increase sensitivity to insulin and aid in fat burning. It provides manganese, iron and calcium. It’s antimicrobial properties can help extend the life of foods.

While cinnamon is an incredibly healthy and nutritious spice, it is often hard to branch out from the most common uses of cinnamon: cookies, muffins and desserts. Other places in the world, cinnamon are used in savory and sweet dishes, everything from breakfast to dessert. I’ve even had it in chili before! Our most common uses are a tablespoon added to almond pancake batter, on apples baked for dessert or in homemade granola bars. It is a great addition to savory foods and in curry powders.

Health Benefits

Soothe an upset stomach

Cinnamon extracts have been used medically to treat gastrointestinal problems and to help calm the stomach.

Clear up urinary-tract infections

One German study showed that Cinnamon "suppresses completely" the cause of most urinary-tract infections and the fungus responsible for vaginal yeast infections.

Allow diabetics to use less insulin

Some studies have shown that Cinnamon helps people with diabetes metabolise sugar better. Cinnamon enhances the ability of insulin to metabolise glucose, helping to control blood sugar levels.

Aid digestion

Cinnamon warms and stimulates the digestive system, useful in weak digestion, colic, griping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, wind and distension. The volatile oil in cinnamon bark may also help the body to process food by breaking down fats during digestion.

Kill many disease-causing fungi and viruses

Preliminary results from test tube and animal studies suggest that cinnamon oil and cinnamon extract have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic properties.

Relieve Colds and Flu

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Cinnamon Drink


Packing Per Unit : 1.25g X 25 Singal Chamber Envelope Bags.

Packing Per Master Carton (1.25g X 25Singal Chamber Env X 24 Pkts, Nett Weight - 0.750 Kgs)


Three different coloured boxes are available to meet customer requirments.

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Cinnamon Sticks (Quills)


Packing Per Unit : 200g Window Cut Box, Aluminium Foil Bag

Packing Per Master Carton : 24 Pkts

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